Thursday, August 4

# 7 - Loser

I've been tapping my fingers wondering what the hell I should write about for my last post. This seven mallarky and the rules that surrounded has meant that rather than risk doubling up on a subject, I've pumped out lists with gusto. Figuring I might as well stay true to form, and confident that it doesn't mean jack anyway, my last list will be in honour of losing, which is what 3 people will do in this game, and what 1 person moi, can for the final, call herself 'Loser'. (I'm singing Becks 'Loser' to myself as type this!)

Fortunately I've had more experiences of winning than I have of losing, but I'm a firm believer that in order to appreciate what you have and what you've won, you must experience losses. How do you know what it feels like to win, if you've never truly lost?

Fortunately, I have several experiences of losing:

1. I was in the final 20 for a girl band that actually never made it (female version of a famous boy one). It wasn't because I couldn't sing (on the contrary I must add) but because they'd already picked the winners anyway. Before it had started. I kid you not - I was one of the people that they approached to audition weeks before hand but I refused with my naive and honorable self and said that I would audition with the rest of them at the proper time. My poor little 16 year old heart was gutted. My ma was delighted as she didn't want me doing a duff 'career'!

2. I was runner up for an art competition on the long defunct Childrens Channel. I was delighted when my name came on the screen across England and Ireland, but I'm still bloody livid at the fact that my prize (I think it was about 25 videos) has never arrived. Where is my prize you f*ckers? Hee hee...

3. I came second in a decent sized karaoke competition back home in Dublin (not liking this runner up theme) belting out my favourite Killing Me Softly by The Fugees. It killed me softly to watch the £500 get handed over.....

4. I have lost at countless games of strip poker....

5. I came runner up to my brother in another art contest. I was a gracious loser and didn't wack him about the head with the Girls World.

6. I came second in the 100m sprint at the Community Games (like Dublins little Olympics) when I was about 12. And 13. I took up social smoking at 14 and funny enough, I lost my interest in sprinting around about then.

7. And of course I couldn't forget Big Blogger. Fortunately I don't take these things to heart! I have told my knight in shining armour and one of my bezzy blogmates Alan, and also Mike (sweetie) that I've been half tempted to pack it in as it can feel like peeing against the wind (never tried it myself). Actually that's not what I said to them at all! It has been quite good fun and I met some really lovely people in here and had a lovely flirtation with Little Blogger. You can't ask for more really. Well actually, you could, like winning, but the best person has won/is winning and it has been a delight to look at her illustrations and be entertained by her.


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