Monday, June 27

Task 5: The mystery of the missing letters

Dear Sir/Madam/Mistress/Master,

I write with regards to the recently advertised post for an It assistant. I feel it is my duty to inform you of a possible grammatical error within the advertisement.

It seems that there has been a slight problem with spelling – some letters around the word It appear to have been mislaid.

At first I thought that the letters T and W were what should have preceded the I and T, but I think it unlikely that you would be advertising a position to assist a Twit.

Then I wondered whether the missing letters were in fact an S and H, but again, fail to see how an assistant’s position could be filled in this respect. (Unless of course, it would be to supply toilet tissue, but once more, I doubt it).

After pondering over various combinations (C and L, G and R, S and L), I think I have finally come to a conclusion: the missing letters must come after the I and T, rather than before them. So with this in mind, I figure that the letters must be, without a doubt, C and H.

Now that I know that it is an Itch that needs taking care of, I would very much like to offer my services: I have a lot of experience scratching such things, and am sure that I would fulfil your needs whatever they may be.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in servitude,



Blogger k tzu said...

i find this much to my liking.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Ethanbenjamin said...

I was wondering how my neighbour could save a fortune on her credit cards. Now I too have the secret.

4:37 PM  

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