Friday, July 29

Task 13: 7 Posts In 7 Days


You all did wonderfully well on that last task, so it seems that we truly have wittled it down to the cream of the crop (no offence to all the evicted housemates, but hey, you lost). It is therefore time to proceed ever onwards into the final week, starting now with the next fiendishly terrifying task.

Yes, it's Task 13. Unlucky for some, perhaps.

This is the final task. After this there is nothing.

But don't go breathing a sigh of relief, for this is the most demanding task yet. For a start, it lasts for a week! Yeah! A whole week!

Here is the general synopsis:


Big Blogger and Little Blogger want you all to come up with seven different posts, one for each remaining day of the competition (Saturday thru Friday), based around the number seven.

Each post can relate to meanings, definitions, truths, untruths, stories... anything!
But they must all boil down to the number seven. Get the idea?

The thing you must remember about these posts, is that for each one you submit, you will earn an extra 5 votes in the final vote count. So that means that you can each earn an extra 35 votes. Problem is, if any of you write posts that are based around the same theme, ie. the seven deadly sins, each blogmate who wrote about that same subject will forfeit their 5 points. Therefore, you all have to be as imaginative as possible in order to get maximum points.

If you don't want to do all the posts you don't have to, but for each one you fail to do I will deduct 5 points from your final vote total.

But because I'm nice(ish), and I realise that some people do have other things to do at the weekends especially, I will allow you to post multiple posts on one day. For example, if you can't post on Saturday and Sunday because you are busy, you can post three on the Monday and you won't lose out.

The deadline is midday next Friday. At that time the poll - at the top of the sidebar - will be removed, all the votes will be counted, calculated, and verified, the extra votes tally from the final task will be added up, and by the late afternoon we will be able to announce the winner of Big Blogger 2005 to the watching world.

How exciting!

I'll even see if I can coax Big Blogger out of the toilet so he can host the awards ceremony.

Until we meet again... LB


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