Wednesday, July 27

Task 12: Afraid

Me again.

I'm going to keep this brief, because I, erm, have a train to catch. (Yeah, that fooled them...)

This next task is based around the irrational fear of Stuff.
Or to be more exact, your irrational fear of Stuff.

We want to know what thing or things you fear the most. Do you have any idea why you fear these things (surely if you did they would cease to be irrational, but there you go)? Describe how the thing or things make you feel, and please tell us of an incident when you have suffered because of, or triumphed over your fear. The choice is yours.

Also, as a bit of a departure, please see if you can come up with a realistic/preposterous cure for your, or another fear. Come up with a contraption, device, or even a new kind of therapy (please, no wannabe Paul McKenna's). Once again, the choice is yours.

Make sure your entries are in by Friday lunchtime at the latest.

And be sure to check back on Friday afternoon for the next task. It's going to be a bastard, so be prepared.

Little Blogger over and out.

PS. Anyone fancy a round on my cocktail trolley?


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