Sunday, June 19

Task 3: Big Blogger is... my Master

Big Blogger is always listening
to the blogmates in the house,
our tears they are glistening.
For when Big Blogger says jump, we all feel torn,
should we write something funny,
or just go watch some … pretty pictures?

Big Blogger is forcing us to write on command,
our fingers are tired from all the demands,
(well mine are anyway, but that’s due to overuse and the less said about that the better).
When Big Blogger says fight, we all duck,
no-one wants to be the first blogger on here
to have the public see them … fall over clumsily.

Big Blogger is dictatorial in his style of humour,
and Little Blogger listens well,
but then starts rumours.
The other blogmates however, I would like to thank,
for they are hoping I will say,
how much I enjoy a good… well fought competition.

Big Blogger is able to make me drool,
his sexy Northern drawl just sounds so damn cool.
And that Little Blogger’s voice has given me a little crush,
when he gives us another task, it makes me want to gush.
As for the other blogmates, well they’re all expecting me to be rude,
but I promise I’ll behave, in real life I’m just a big prude. (Honest).


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