Monday, June 13

Has someone got some sunscreen factor 46 my nose seems to be turning a deeper shade of Brown!

Dear Mr. Oddie,
How are you enjoying Hatherleigh and the Fishleigh Estate? I must say it is marvelous isn't it, I thought last year's show was marvelous too, in fact I did rescue a Bird in Hatherleigh (as I was living there) and bought it up to the site where it was looked after by one of your ornithologists. The pubs are good too eh, the Tally Ho and the George, which is your favourite?

Now I don't usually write letters to celebrities or even ornithologitsts but this time because you fit the bill (pun intended on both levels)I have because I have made a discovery that you might find interesting. And as you see I am a real Dr. and scientist of some small repute you might want to take note of this.

I have proof the the Dodo might well be not extinct. I know that you might have recently recieved some crackpot letters but if I was you I would ignore them and follow your scientific nose, as I have, to stick it where it might not be wanted.

Yes I would like to report a sighting of a Dodo (Didus ineptus) It became obvious to me that it was a Dodo, as it stole a bacon sandwich from right under our noses, the bird looked as if it had been designed by a prankster playing a joke on naturalists. It was a short, fat bird with tiny, yellow legs and a small tail that stood up like a feather duster. Although why God, that merry prankster would want to design one just to upset Gordon, is another matter. I was barely awake suffering from a surfiet of cheese and cillit bang!

So this is no joking matter, Mr. Oddie, I would hope you could send a crack team of top notch ornithologists right now before the little blighter is caught by someone like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and turned into tomorrow nights barbecue.

By the way Happy Birthday for July 7 and you went to the same school as my dad!
Best wishes
Dr. Rob xxxx

PS I loved you in the Goodies - especially in the 'dead parrot' sketch! Norwegian Blue - marvelous work!


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