Friday, July 8

N.M.B.S.P. - Task EIGHT, clause four. subsection xxii.a


The N.M.B.S.P.

The No More Bull Shit Party needs YOU!

Our motto is "shut the crap up, you politician type, let the real people in the pink dungarees speak up first!... tosser" which we are having embroidered on all our scatter cushions.

Once elected, we will ban bullshit, flannel, lies, spin, sound bites, codswallop, and twaddle from all areas of government and the civil service.

We will deliver the truth on all occasions unless it will hurt criminal investigations or people's feelings.

We are, in short, the party of NICENESS! and not niceness in a cucumber-sandwich-conservative-party-WI sort of way, but niceness in a "be reasonable to each other and each other will be reasonable back" sort of way.

Obviously, we couldn't hope quite yet for a majority government, though we would consider a coalition with the DKPP (see below à la Mish).

Our party leader is the Vicar of Dibley.... (what do you mean she's not real?)


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