Saturday, July 2

The Game of Dennis

The Game of Dennis

Dennis, is a game that is like thong snooker but is designed to balance out the inherent sexism designed into the game of Thong Snooker .i.e. so that we blokes can be on the look out for those sexy little thongs dissapearing down the peachy cracks, past the peachy down as it were.

The Game of Dennis works like this. Essentially it’s the same as thong snooker, but you girls will be looking at and for the guys undies, pants, skiddies, whatever you want to call them.

The score goes like this.

If you see a sexy glimpse like a pair of Calvins peeping over the top of a pair of jeans under the six pack, a bit like myself I might add, that’s LOVE ALL

A glimpse of a pair of nylon paisley pants, greying cotton drawers, or anything well within the realms of nasty skiddies that’s 15 POINTS

Any guy going Commando – that’s NEW BALLS PLEASE

Again it can be played anywhere outside your habitation.

Hope thats balanced the sexual bias!

(message deleted as that is enough self flaggelation for one day!)


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