Thursday, June 30

The Vit ‘n’ Madge Visual Arts Festival

The festival will take place in a Giant Botticellian Clamshell set right in the middle of Piccadilly circus (which may require a little adjustment itself). It will accommodate the expected 400,000 visitors and will be raised up on top of a Botticellian seascape which will double as a carpark.



A mixture of great artists and illustrators from all over the space/time continuum: Gerald Scarfe, Picasso, Ralph Steadman, Leonardo, Ronald Searle, Titian, Hockney, Posy Simmonds, Edward Ardizzone, Arthur Rackham, Quentin Blake, Manet and, of course, Rolf Harris. They will be giving talks from the central “Clam-stage”, teaching people to draw with flare and pzazz, signing sketches that you can go and sell on e-Bay later and getting stoned with all the art students.

There will be stalls selling GREAT art by GOOD artists, none of the normal CRAP you usually get at “art” fairs like scratchboard badgers and f*cking awful oil paintings. All participating artists will make shedloads of cash and will get to spend some personal time with the attending celeb artists.

Background music will be supplied LIVE on a raised pink stage at the back of the Giant Clamshell by the Kaiser Chiefs, Stereophonics, Joss Stone, Moloko, Divine Comedy, Morcheeba, Badly Drawn Boy and Radiohead … so all mood-levels of happy through to miserable will be accomodated.

20% of entrance ticket sales will go to a very worthy cause: The Vit ‘n’ Madge Brand New G4 17” Powerbook and everything that goes with it Fund.

See you there.


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