Wednesday, June 29

Big Blogger International Sensation Festival Approval Board

Belgium opens it's arms and it's hearts to all those who don't have/will never have/don't want children. This is a charity especially for all those people who have chosen to be childless, to liberate them of any guilt that they may possibly be feeling, to rid them of the accusations of being selfish and above all, rid them of having to hear their neighbours' children screaming around the garden directly behind yours' or, shock, horror, next to yours'.

A special speech made by HE Ms Greenfairy will start the show comprising of the following artists:

"Crazy Frog" - Axel F
"Numa Numa" - Gary Brolsma

Interlude followed by a Presentation made by PM Mr Tony Blair.

Should there be anyone left in the audience by this time, the following:

"How Much is that Doggie in the Window?" - Tony Chestnut

Now that the audience is pretty well empty I suppose I can stop. Michael Jackson was going to make an appearance but as I was sure that this wouldn't work, I have decided to cancel his invite and have HRH The Duke of Edinburgh stand in instead. He loves children.

Doesn't he ?


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