Monday, June 13

In Which I Make Enquiries

Forced to work for a living. Honestly. Forced to 'sing for my supper' (actually, probably not - grown men have been known to cry when I give voice......)
Oh the shame of it. Writing to a TV programme - as the late great Noel Coward once said: "Telvision is not for watching, it's for appearing on..."

So this is what big Blogger Made Me Do. I was Only Obeying Orders.....

"I'm very interested in the 'Garden Watch' - in fact we've all been fascinated - I never normally get involved in these sort of things as I have a gentleman round to sort out my borders and the like so only really spend time lazing in a deckchair on the lawn! But it appears, once I caught your show, to be a wildlife programme rather than one of those things where people come round, destroy your landscaping and put something else in that some scion of society thinks is good and common. But I digress . The other morning, when one of my house guests * had left half a bacon sandwich on the back patio, this really strange creature came wandering out of the shrubbery and scoffed it down in one. ( Terrible manners, really. But then the house guests themselves are no better) It looked a bit like a duck - it waddled like one - but a different bill. More like a parrot's. As I said I only glimpsed it in passing and I haven't seen it since so I do wonder what kind of creature it could be? Any ideas? Or has the gardner been using too much pesticide and it's a mutant abberation? - Which would explain one of my houseguests behaviour.....
Hoping this finds you as it leaves me."

* Obviously I had to put 'House Guests' down. Other wise the Game Would Have Been Up.

Miss Mish


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