Wednesday, June 29

As there seems to be some confusion...

...let Davina-Mike explain today's multitudinous plot twists to you one more time.

Yesterday was the expected eviction day. However, Big Blogger didn't show up.

Today, Little Blogger stepped into the breach and announced a triple eviction:

1. Dr Rob, who received the highest number of public votes.

2. Vicus Scurra, who didn't complete the "It" task. A few days ago, Vicus indicated in one of the comments boxes that he had become indifferent to the contest. He also hasn't posted since last Wednesday.

3. Gordon, who escaped from the house on Sunday, and has indicated on his own blog that he doesn't wish to return. This may have something to do with the fact that Gordon is just about to go off on his holidays.

Dr Rob said his farewells, and prepared to leave the house.

Little Blogger was just about to re-introduce last week's controversial rule (the most popular housemate has one hour to overrule the eviction), when...

...Big Blogger swept back into the house (having been shamefully absent since last Friday), and promptly overruled Little Blogger's decision.

As it was only ever intended to evict two housemates this week, and not three, Big Blogger decided to reprieve one of the three evictees.

As Big Blogger could hardly grant a reprieve to a contestant who had already resigned from the game, he was left with only one choice: to save Dr Rob from eviction for the second week running. This effectively rendered this week's public vote null and void.

Now that Vicus Scurra and Gordon have left the house, the remaining ten housemates are: JonnyB, Miss Mish, Mike, The Girl, Vitriolica, Alan, Zoe, Dr Rob, NML and Clair.

Davina-Mike respectfully asks Big Blogger to pay a bit more attention in future... and that days-old sidebar won't update itself, either. Come on! We're doing our bit! You do yours!


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