Wednesday, July 20

A new day, a new task.

Afternoon everyone.

Little Blogger hopes that you're all feeling okay after yesterdays shenanigans. I have noticed that the pool is missing about three foot of 'water', so I'll top it up with soluble aspirin-flavoured juice as requested.

As a warning of things to come, I ought to let all remaining bloggees aware that the tasks are going to come a little bit thicker and faster from now on. There'll be a task every two days or so (not including weekends) until the end of the competition, so you'll have plenty of hearty material to get your teeth into.

Which leads nicely on to today's task.

Or, for those who care, Task 10 (ooh, double figures!).

Otherwise known as 'Confessions of a ....... Blogger' (insert adjective as applicable).

Little Blogger (and Big Blogger, wherever he is) would like you all to fess up, in as much detail as is humanly possible, about a) the moment in your life you are most proud of, and b) the moment you are most ashamed of. You can use whatever form of description you want, and you can include pictures, photos and sound clips. Basically, do whatever you want to.

The deadline for this task is midday Friday. The next task will go up Friday afternoon and will be due in on Monday afternoon next week.

Told you it was getting serious.

And remember, anyone who doesn't do their tasks risks automatic eviction.

So good luck, and have fun! And if you have any special dietary requests please let me know about it in the Diary Room. Who wants to watch a film tonight?

Poll will be up in 5 minutes..


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