Thursday, June 16

It's not Shakespeare

Big Blogger is a special way
To pass some hours every day,
Although my boss would probably say
He’d rather I was working.

The tasks are solved with wit and flair,
Dodos and Dildoes fill the air,
And Zoe’s wet and Gordon’s bare,
And Grocerjack is shirking.

Miss Mish politely holding balls,
And Clair starting to climb the walls
Watch while to whistling wild catcalls
The Girl is madly flirting.

We’ve NML in FMB’s,
And someone’s eating all the cheese,
And Vit is working on a frieze,
While Doc Rob’s head is hurting.

And Peter upped and ran away,
A choice which makes more sense each day,
The rest of us are mad to stay
Trapped in a house with Vicus.

And Mike relaxes for a week,
While Mr Hair begins to freak,
The rest of us rapidly seek
A way to make you like us.

And now we’ve all been told to rhyme,
I guess it helps to pass the time,
Though some would say it is a crime
To mangle words so badly.

LB puts on his genial mask
As BB sets this evil task.
Think well of us, that’s all we ask,
We’re not quite done yet, sadly!


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