Thursday, June 9

Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hola

Hello to everyone out there!

I'm Clair, a 22 year old female, residing in Warwickshire. I've just finished my final year of university, and a sojourn in the big blogger house was exactly what I needed to keep my mind away from the arrival of the dreaded Results.

So...what am I like? I have to warn you now that I am very sarcastic, but in the most loving of ways. I'm a self professed geek. I have an eclectic taste in music, but with a particular fondness for jazz and folk rock. I'm a good listener and enjoy helping people. My dream in life is to become self sufficient and make jam. Jam is good. Also honey...just so I can run around my garden shouting "I'm covered in beeeesssss!!". I love stand up comedy.

Upon entering the big blogger house I was wearing black. And my suitcase is full of black clothes. Black is my colour; although I do own some more colourful items of clothing (at one point yesterday I was even observed to wear lime green) it is a rare and commented upon occurrence. Apart from a multitude of black clothes, my suitcase (a bright orange one) contained many bottles of red wine, and lots of books. I've also snuck my newly acquired guitar in with me, to impress all the housemates with the one and only chord that I can play so far.

The item that I'm providing for the winners goodie bag is a signed and framed photo. Haven't decided what the photo is going to be of yet, and knowing me it could actually be anything, but that adds to the mystery of the prize doesn't it? It will probably be of something that can be found in the big blogger house.


(An example of the random photos that I take.

I also have one of these in my suitcase...a bottle of wine is no good if you can't get into it)


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