Friday, July 1

My game idea (copyright (c) by me)

My plan is for a simple board game that you can play with your friends.

What could be more English than that?

Each player chooses a piece that is theirs. I will base the pieces on everyday objects rather than boring old counters. That will be fun.

You then roll the dice and move around the board.

This is the cunning bit. Rather than just being boring old spaces, each square will actually be named after a street. When you land on the space, you will be able to buy that street, and thus build up a sort of portfolio.

A bit like Donald Trump. Or that Duke of Westminster bloke.

I have a plan to include a square that you can just park on for free, and nobody will really know what it’s for, and they will wonder about it and it will be my secret.

I think you should be able to also build on the streets you own, if you have enough money to do so. Oh yes – forgot to mention, if you go round the board successfully you get some money as a reward. The game isn’t over, you just carry on.

I’ll also put in a few hazards and incentives as you go round the board. Ones that we can all relate to. Things like winning a beauty contest (NML). Making general repairs to all of your houses (Mike). Getting out of Jail Free (Dr Rob).

I haven’t quite decided on how long the game should go on for yet. I think probably just until it gets dark, you have fallen out with all your friends, and at least one of you has vowed never to play this stupid game ever, ever again.

I haven’t got a name for it yet.

But I think it’s a winner.


Blogger Sander de Groot said...

It's called Monopoly

1:27 AM  

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