Monday, July 11


Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to announce the formation of a new party.

It isn't a political party. In fact, it's an un-political party. Everybody is invited to be in this party. Liberals, Conservatives, Socialists, all will find something here to enjoy. People from all nations, from all ethnic groups, from all faiths, all are welcome.

Our manifesto is fun and games, jelly and ice-cream, clowns and bouncy castles, and talk, chat, natter, conversation, call it what you will there will be lots of it. We'll all talk to each other, and much more importantly we'll all listen to each other so that by the time the party is over, everyone who was there will have a much better understanding of what makes each other tick and will stop hating each other. After all, how can you hate somebody you've partied with.

So get behind our illustrious leader (Eddie Izzard), and vote for the Party Party. You know it makes sense. It better had, because nothing else seems to work.


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