Monday, July 25

Molly The Show Off

Jaysus, I'm not into this kiddy story mallarky. God help me when I have to make up stuff for my own kids!
Once upon a time in a land not so far away, London to be exact, lived a little girl called Molly. Molly is a dinky little girl with her hair in braids, her girly dresses and skirts, and an already big collection of shoes. Molly is 5 years old and a bit of a show off.

Mummy takes Molly to the doctors surgery.
‘Promise me that you’ll be a good girl and read quietly’
‘Of course I will mum’
Molly sits down on the chair and flicks through a womans magazine. She looks around the room and notices that there is a bit of a crowd.
‘Would you like me to read to you all?’
‘Oh yes!’ says the kind old lady sitting across from her.
‘Molly! What did I say to you?’ Mummy looks very cross and a bit embarrassed.
‘Hush mummy. This lady wants me to read to her.’

Mummy takes Molly to the shops. Mummy needs to buy an outfit and a pair of shoes for the party she’s attending.
‘Molly, can you try and sit here quietly whilst I try on this dress? I’ll just be right here in front of you in the changing room. Promise me.’
‘Of course I will mum’
The shop is playing Michael Jackson.
Mummy comes out of the changing room. Molly is moonwalking and high kicking for a crowd of shoppers. Mummy grabs Mollys hand.
‘Get off me mummy. These people have come to watch me dance.’

Mummy takes Molly to Alton Towers. Molly eats candy floss and drinks lots of pop. Mummy lets Molly have a hamburger as a treat. Molly, mummy and their friends go on lots of rides.
The day whizzes by and before they know it, it’s time to go home.
‘Don’t want to go.’ Molly stamps her foot in a temper.
‘Haven’t you had a good day here? Come on, don’t ruin it.’
Molly has a temper tantrum and a crowd gathers to watch her make a holy show of mummy.
Molly is grounded for a month.
Molly sulks so much, mummy can’t bear the sight of her after a couple of days and lets her go out to play.

Molly is out playing with the boys from her street. She feels very grown up in her pedal pushers, cool t-shirt and trainers that light up with every step. Molly plays skipping and hop scotch with the girls but the boys won’t play. They are jumping off walls and challenging each other to do bigger and better. Molly leaves the girls to do the skipping and hop scotch.
‘I want to play with you’ Molly says to the boys.
They laugh because they think she wants them to do dance routines or something. Molly realises the boys are not paying attention.
Molly points to the big wall at the house that is rumoured to be owned by a witch.
‘I bet I can jump from one wall to the next!’ Molly challenges the boys.
The boys stare at the wall and look scared.
‘Go on then’ says one of the boys.
Molly clambers up onto the wall and struts up and down for a moment whilst she gets her balance on the wall. Feeling comfortable Molly runs along the wall and takes a big leap.
Everything goes black. Molly hears lots of screaming and crying. Molly is hearing herself. Molly touches her head and feels an enormous lump and blood seems to be everywhere. Molly feels a shadow over her and looks up to see her mummy.
‘Have you been showing off again?’ Mummy scoops up Molly and hugs her.
Molly has to have lots of stitches and has a stay in the hospital overnight. She sings with some of the other girls on her ward and shows them how to moonwalk.
When Molly finally goes home, Mummy sits her down.
‘Molly, do you understand why this happened to you?’
‘Is it because the wall moved away from me?’
‘No Molly. Tell me why this happened.’
‘Is it because I was showing off? You keep telling me not to show off’
‘Look what happens when you try to get peoples attention. You need to be yourself. If you keep doing this, you’ll be a mass of broken bones and people won’t actually get to know the lovely little girl within.’
Mummy and Molly hug.
‘Promise me that you’ll stop this showing off.’
‘Of course I will mummy.’ And she did stop.

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