Saturday, July 2

my game. the only game.

It's called "Pass me the choccies!"™


It is quite simple.

"Pass me the choccies!"™ and you are spared from a nasty end (whose nasty end, I haven't decided yet)

"Pass me the choccies!"™ and you get lots of points. Brownie points.

"Pass me the choccies!"™, but don't say any taboo words like "fat" and "arse" or you could miss a turn (in my affections).

"Pass me the choccies!"™ is a game that can be played anywhere you like. For added fun and skill, try it on an extremely hot day on the beach, having left the wet wipes at home. Or on a trampoline. Or on the moon.

"Pass me the choccies!"™ only needs one piece of equipment, the box... FULL. And no cheap crap that come from the never before heard of brand name that you found at Makro. ... though any grade above that will suffice as the true "Pass the Choccies" jock ain't TOO picky when really "in the zone".

"Pass me the choccies!"™


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