Thursday, June 30

Le Festival de Packing

It's a subject dear to my heart at the moment...well, when I say 'dear to my heart' I actually mean that I loathe it in all it's forms, but there you go. Anyway...I propose the first annual Packing festival. The participants will gather together to engage in packing competitions to see who can fit a set number of items in the fewest number of boxes, in the smallest amount of time.

The catering will all revolve around genious packing solutions (such as demonstrated here a little while ago). Other fun activities will take place in the form of "how many people can you fit in a telephone box/mini" style events.

Music will be provided by a local troupe of morris men, to provide a local and rustic feel to the event (and because if I'm having a lousy time packing, everyone else can have too. yes it's mean the moment, I don't care!).


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