Monday, June 13

Task 2: Extinct

Dear Mr. Oddone,

Bit of an oddie this so please bear with me. Ohh and you should note that I am NOT a crackpot.

I've done a little research on this and I'm fairly certain, although I'm aware it does sound a little batty... but... well I think someone in my area is breeding Dodo's. I'm guessing it's like Jurassic Park or something, the bit where they find a mosquito, could a Dodo be re-bred from an old egg?? Not sure. Anyway I've checked all the literature I can find and I'm pretty sure that it's a Dodo. Well apart from that whole extinct thing, that's bothering me a bit to be honest, but my eyes tell me that is a Dodo. Long legs, curved bill, stands on one leg a lot.. Ohhh and it's bright pink. Definitely a Dodo, right?


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