Thursday, June 9

Let the fun begin

Welcome to Big Blogger 2005, blogmates and viewers alike. Oooh there's so many of you. My, haven't you all scrubbed up well?

Sorry about the delay, even the international star that Big Blogger is, he still isn't immune from our tedious transport grid, and roadworks. Big Blogger must invest in that helicopter with the royalties from this.

Anyway on with the show.

Maybe now Big Blogger should be saying something controversial before eyeing the camera and cutting to a commercial. But this is different to the stuff you see on Channel 4. This is better. In Big Blogger's mind there is a camera though - why else would he be decked out in the old bow tie job?

Our blogmates are currently inside the house getting to know each other. And there's already been a few flirts, a few fights and a few friends made.

Zoe and Mike are debating the relative benefits of having partners whose christian names are a single consonant - Mike is telling Zoe that the phrase 'OK' has so many more meanings in his household. Vit has been driven to drawing pictures in the wall with Clair's nail file, which she isn't impressed with - neither is NML, who was asleep under the drawings and now has wall plaster in her hair.

JonnyB, Gordon, Rob and GrocerJack have all removed their tops, compared armpit air and have been enjoying a manly bonding session in the snug which has included lots of hugs and Grrrr noises whilst Peter and Vicus have been debating the various flaws of the fosbury flop method.

Mr Hair and Miss Mish are now both wondering about the wisdom of introducing themselves so formally to the group and Girl and (the other) Alan have just realised that they both once saw the same Shakin' Stevens gig at the Skegness Emporium in 1982.

"Alan?" You should be all shouting in unison, if you've been keeping up.

Yes, Alan. Unfortunately Nick was unable to get to the Big Blogger house so Alan will be taking his place as first reserve.

Each blogmate was allowed to bring one small suitcase plus a secret gift to give to the eventual winner.

So anyway, without further ado, let's go and talk to the blogmates.

Big Blogger is speaking pipe the'sen down.

Err that means you too Vit.

Your first task in the Big Blogger house is as follows:

Please introduce yourself to the watching public in whichever way you see fit.

Please be sure to spare no detail and include information on the attire you entered the house in, the things you brought in your suitcase, what qualities you will be bringing to the house, what your persona in the house will be like and anything in particular that the viewers should be looking out for.
Finally tell us about the prize you will be giving to the winner and why you have selected it.

You have until midnight on Sunday to complete this task. If you could all end your post with your name as it is in the sidebar - so that the viewers know who has written it.

If anyone has any problems posting then please email myself or BBLB.

There will be no eviction this week.

Big Blogger will be watching though.


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