Friday, June 10

You see the bloke in the corner......

...yeah,,,the short-ish one with the haircut he thinks makes him look like John Terry......yeah that's right.......the slightly overweight geezer wearing the Chelsea shirt and a pair of baggy shorts with boat shoes......well it's me, GrocerJack. Alright, I'm dressed a bit slobbishly but I did bring some nice clobber with me. I just didn't want to be seen to be trying too hard for the first day or two. So, I'm finally peering out from behind the sofa and deciding whether to be brave enough to speak. I'm already intimidated by Girl, but then all women arguably intimidate me. I guess thats the by-product of being told "Piss off shortarse" in my teens when finally being brave enough to ask one for a dance. After all these years I still can't get over the fact that no-one wanted to look beyond the height issue. Maybe I'm just plain ugly.

Anyway, it's good to be here I think. A few weeks away from the current inpsirational writing void may do me some good, plus it may give me some ideas on how to deal the "process obsessed" wanker known as The Officer - suggestions from the BlogMates on what I can do to prevent myself telling him the truth in my own undiplomatic way and consequently losing my job will be appreciated.

Oh my god, I just saw Girl...........calm down, calm down........calm down......she's just another person.

OK, I'm calm now.

Calm enough to bash a quick one out methinks. Speak later y'all, GrocerJack


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