Friday, June 24

Task 5: Hi ho...

Ok that's enough bickering about the nominations. And please stop crying Mike.

To tell you the truth Big Blogger is getting a bit fed up, fed up of the blogmates spongeing, moaning and running around naked. He's about had it up to here with the blocked toilets and requests for The Guardian and The Times. So he thinks that it's about time you loafers got yourself a job.

Here is an advert that Big Blogger found in the Framley Examiner*, he thinks you will all be just perfect for it, unfortunately there is only 1 vacancy. Big Blogger found the advert on the page next to the lonely hearts but you shouldn't read anything into that. It is lonely just being a voice though.

Big Blogger would like you to write an application for this job. This is your fifth task.

You have until midnight on Monday to complete this task.

The second eviction will then happen on Tuesday.

* reproduced with kind permission of the good people over at the brilliant Framley Examiner


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