Thursday, June 16

ode to crap poetry

Big Blogger is a name
Giv’d to this game
Where we bloggers came
To write bollocks in the name
of fame

Big Blogger is a bloke
Who, for a little joke
Decided to laugh and poke
Fun at us and watch pimms soak
The … … … er … … mini-moke

(after we chucked it in the pool)

(can I redeem myself later with an oil painting?)

right... it's 10.30pm 17th June.... deep breath vit ... further ritual humiliation in the form of "poetry".... to finish off where I left off and avoid being kicked out on my shapely arse....:

The mini-moke, you ask, what the hell?
and so the story I will tell
about how Big Blogger fell
from a ladder at work, and well
he got an insurance pay out. SWELL

He bought the mini moke for fun
and lent it to quickos and his hon-
ey, Zoe, with whom he was exchanging tongue,
when Vicus went for a run
and chucked the little (mokeish) one

Into the pool.... and there
was the moke and mr hair
for mr hair was swimming bare
arsed in the pimms pool, where
mish was trying not to swear

for being splashed and sticky.

And now I shall give that up and swear to all those present that I shall never NEVER write any form of verse ever again.


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