Monday, June 27

Task 5 - NML

Dear Mr Lawrence,

I'm a super-enthusiastic diva (well wannabe diva) with lioness qualities which would serve me well in the role of It Assistant. I have gone out with several guys, all of them numptys and fended off quite a few predators (fondly referred to as harbour sharks) in nightclubs/bars that have given me the expertise in handling Its. When you have my track record of failed 'romances' you'll have more than enough sustenance for coping with Its.

Particular skills including strutting around in FMBs to distract the It from whatever is bothering it or whatever they're trying to eat, prodding it with the rabbit vibrator until It throws up from laughing, and dressing the giraffes in my finest underwear so that It stays in a happy mood.

I have my own rubber gloves, whip and specially made handcuffs for It. If It won't do as it's told...well f*ck that, it'll do what it's bloody well told or they'll be mega tantrums on my part. If for some reason those skills fail, I won't tie my hair up before I go to sleep or brush it. The sight of me with a jacked up fro should keep it at bay.

Please pay me in shoes and handbags - no cheapies please!

Love and big busty and bare arsed kisses in a lovely thong



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