Saturday, July 16

what's in a dress ?

Well, I thought about this fancy-dress party quite a lot, actually. I lost several hours sleep over it and decided that I, the Queen of Hearts, should go none other than the late Princess of Wales, Diana. Her personality fits me to a T. Kind, generous, loving and caring, a bit dim - but then, look at her ex-husband who is no trophy either - and a fantastic shagaholic.

Obviously, I shall be dressed in a Versace body-hugging dress, a tiara which, unlike my own (sadly), has real gems in it, and the must-have clutch bag in which you can barely fit in your lipstick for a re-touch - but we women of such high calibre know how to take care of such things.

My hairdresser and make-up artists will be on hand in the Ladie's and just to add a je ne sais-quoi, I shall be wearing heels, probably opened toed and with a strap around the ankle, as I am not quite as tall as the late Princess of Wales.

The music played will be all 80s music and probably dipping further into the 70s. The final song will, of course, be God Save The Queen.


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