Thursday, June 16

23rd qualms

Big Blogger is my sherbet, my lemon one,
He makes me brown bean pie
With parsnips green, he feedeth me
I think I want to die.

My soy he doth restore again
And me to eat doth make
With cottage cheese – a frightful mess
And slabs of carrot cake.

Yea though I talk to Zed and Rob
Yet will I not feel ill
For he is listening, nosey sod,
Beneath the window sill.

My table he hast furnished
And ironed all the clothes
Door hinges dost with oil anoint
(The toilet overflows).

Godless and murky, all my life
Shall all remember me

Cos in this house, for evermore
My dwelling place shall be.

Dave wrote just five verses,
But I am very smart
And want the world to marvel at

This wondrous work of art.


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