Monday, June 13

obviously a mental patient:

Dear Mr Oddie on Springwatch

I am a fan of yours. I always liked you when you were a goodie. You are partly responsible for my lifelong attachment to dungarees (but, I don’t wear yellow ones… like you used to, because that would be tasteless. ... no, really). I used to really like Tim Brooke Taylor too. In the same way that I liked Peter Tork out of the Monkees. Figure that one out, they were the only two blonde men I ever really liked.

Anyway, I know you’re into birds as I’ve seen you doing it on the telly wearing safari clothes (a bit like that david Bellamy used to do too) and so I thought, ooh, I’ll tell HIM then… because what I have to tell you is really quite amazing… and it is that the dodo is not extinct. I know. It’s quite incredible and I’m very excited to be able to tell someone who’ll know the right people to tell in the right places, like. Because, it’s not even in the Caymen Islands or Marbella or Lundy that I spotted it…. it was right here on the mainland of england, in a garden of a place where I am staying for, hopefully, seven weeks.

I was as shocked as you no doubt are as you read this, but I saw it, and I drew it as I didn’t have my camera on me at the time (it is at my mother’s house, being watched over) so I scanned it in and am sending it to you right now. Could you please tell me if this is in fact a correctly identified Dodo?

Yours sincerely Miss V.F. Webb

(I think we all know what th F stands for by now, BB readers)


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