Thursday, July 7

Task 8 - election

Ok young dudes, it's task time again.

Only a couple of weeks left of this wibblefest and almost half way through the blogmates - only 8 left, but what a lovely 8 don't you think? 8 people in a room talking bollocks? Big Blogger is racking his brains as that seems so familiar. BB8 has a ring to it.

Looking at the blogmates bingo on the side bar it only seems that NML is preventing a line across the bottom, we almost have the 4 cormers, whereas the middle row is definitely the place to hang out. And Girl is luckier than, well, err, Dr Rob (sniff) has been the last 2 weeks.

Anyway, on to the task.

Big Blogger, and his littler version would like each of the blogmates to come up with their own political party. Provide the viewers with a name, a comprehensive manifesto and suggest a leader or spokesperson for your party.

You have until the end of Tuesday to complete this task.


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