Friday, August 5

The End. Finito.

Well there we have it my little fluffy Big Blogger viewers. The end of Big Blogger 2005. No it is - honestly. Who said 'thank God?'

It's been a Long and Winding road, it's been a Helter Skelter, it's been Back to the USSR and it's been a Yellow Submarine. There really have been many ups and downs, and I'm not talking about Girls mattress. There have been many peaks and many troughs and lots of tears shed and hugs given - from the very first week when Peter threw one toy too many, landing on Big Bloggers head to the last week when Mike was under investigation in a music for votes scandal.

We've seen the walkouts, we've seen eviction controversy, we've seen the very start of the wibble phenomenon, heck we've even seen pools full of pimms, inventions and extinct birds. How did we all pack it in?

I know, I know. Please don't cry, but good things always come to an end. Didn't your disciplinarian primary school teacher beat that into you after you'd won the egg and spoon race aged 6? No? Just me then. Again.

For all those worried about how they will manage to live their lives fully without their daily Big Blogger fix, Little Blogger and I have set up a premium rate phone line for all you refresh clickers out there desperate for more.

Big Blogger must really patronise and commend all blogmates for the quality of all their posts. 348 of them to be precise, it's kept Big Blogger and his harem entertained on the quiet nights in. And what nights they were. There really has been some outstanding contributions. The last week especially has seen some top quality responses to Little Bloggers, frankly, evil task.

Big Blogger also must thank Little Blogger for stepping into the breach over the past few weeks.

But enough about me, lets talk about me.

What are we waiting for?

The results. Well the worst kept secret in blogland is just about to be revealed.

All 4 remaining blogmates passed this weeks task with flying colours. All 4 of them wrote 7 posts in 7 days and they all managed to keep off each others territory - 28 different posts about the number 7. So no extra points for anyone effectively as all the bonus points were cancelled out.

So in 4th place with 5% of the popular vote is the sassy NML.

In 3rd place with 17% of the popular vote is (the other) Alan. Now to be renamed as THE Alan.

In 2nd place is Dial-up Mike with 22% of the popular vote.

And the inaugural winner of Big Blogger 2005 is everyones favourite expat drawing machine, ladies and gentlebeings I give you Vitriolica.

*fights to be heard through the rapturous applause*

And that's Big Blogger 2005. Big Blogger will be in touch with all blogmates to give them the address of which to send their prizes. If they would all like to make their way to the diary room to be grilled and seasoned by the Littlest Blogger.

And that's it from me.

Remember the date: 5th August 2005 - it's the date you'll remember for wishing that you were somewhere else

Stay safe. Don't have nightmares. And don't forget to tune in next year for Big Blogger 2006.

Lots of hugs

Biggity Blogger.

Go home. There's nothing more to see.


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