Monday, August 1

7 Men to Date... & Let Go Of

I believe that there are 7 types of men that every woman should go out with before she meets the 'one' that she stays with.

1. Mr Unavailable - He may be there in the physical sense but his head, emotions and heart are parked somewhere down the road, or in another woman's place. No matter how much she begs, no matter how much she pleads, it's just not going to happen. The more distant he is, the more that she fancies him. She'll probably end up near obsessed with the guy but eventually sees sense and move onto pastures new.

2. Mr Pampers - He's so much younger, her friends make constant wisecracks about her going out with a child or at least a guy that seems to have the maturity level of one. He's probably quite attentive but houses, babies and marriage are much further down the agenda and he's not overtly concerned with balancing his chequebook or staying within his overdraft limit. She(should) eventually tire of playing the mummy role and move on to someone who's been nappy trained.........

3. Mr Mum - No, not the type of guy that wants to play mummy, but the type of guy that hasn't let go of mummy. His mum is number one in his life and you play a lowly 1000 in his life. She will try hard to fit into his mothers ideal of the woman he should be with (it doesn't exist but she doesn't realise that) and will eventually tire of his mum patronising her and him not having enough spine to let go of the apron strings.

4. Mr Wallet - He wines, dines you hopefully, if she's into it, sixty-nine's her. Her wallet will very rarely open up and she'll be living it up like there's no tomorrow. He refuses to let her pay for a thing, but he probably doesn't let her have much say in anything else either. Him paying for things means that when he f*cks up, she's not supposed to question it. She'll suddenly start craving a man who's a little less flash with the cash.....

5. Mr Breadline - This one shares some of Mr Pampers characteristics but he can be the same age or older than her, but be living for his 'craft' and it's probably her that picks up the tab. Mr Breadline doesn't always do this and can prove to be a great partner, but it's the ones that take the piss on her time that eventually lead to the demise of their relationship.

6. Mr Sugar Daddy - Maybe he's a father figure or maybe she thinks that being with Mr Sugar Daddy signifies the type of man that seems more than mature and secure enough to entertain her. He keeps her happy for a while but the lack of shared experiences and the feeling that he's treating her like his daughter starts to wear thin.

7. Mr Bastard - He couldn't give two hoots about her and refuses to tell say where he's going, who he's with and often, who's he's having a piece of behind her back. These guys pick up women like there's no tomorrow and often hold onto them too due to the 'bad boy factor'. In this game though, he is one of seven she should try out before getting to the good stuff.


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