Monday, August 1

7 Habits of Highly Effective NML

1. SLEEP - The perfect number of hours sleep is 8 but it often hovers at around 7 due to late night shows such as Nip/Tuck, Shameless and Sex and The City. Anything less than 7 and I feel like shite but anything more than 12 and I get a whopper of a headache.

2. SEX (REGULAR NOT SPORADIC) - I am convinced that if I was getting a regular seeing-to that I would be mellower, quieter at work, hence less demanding, and more productive, or at least less of a strain on my poor bosses brain!

3. TIDYING - I have a one bed flat and yet somehow over the course of my working week the place gets covered in discarded shoes and clean laundry. I'm looking at the floor in my sitting room and I can see 8 pairs of shoes and a pair of slippers, 3 handbags, 2 cardigans and a jacket hanging off the back of my dining chair. My weekends zip by in hours of tidying and the time gets sucked up. When my flat is tidy, my head is tidy. Must try harder.

4. BLOGGING - This is surprisingly therapeutic and the only time in my life where I have managed to keep a 'diary' consistently. Blogging keeps me out of trouble (ish) as before I go and act like a complete diva to a bloke, I get the input of lots of people wanting to give their 2 cents. I can sound off ideas and thoughts and it's like having lots of counselors... well wannabe ones.

5. THONGS - For anyone who has worn a thong then you'll know that there hard to forget with the strategically placed thong in the bum cheeks. No fear of me falling asleep at work then! Try wearing one that's too tight...ouch!

6. READING - I love to read and hate reading newspapers on the Tube as you don't get a good dose of a book into you. Reading clears my head and takes me away from whatever is going on around me. It gets my brain whirring and it also winds me down from a hard days work, even when it's a gory thriller. When I'm reading, I don't hear anything around me. I think that books will be my tool of distraction when I'm in my next big relationship....

7. SPEAKING - I don't think I am in any danger of ever going crackers because I don't really hold anything in. I don't have some form of turrets and shout out stuff constantly 'FMB!'; 'Why do men always think they're right?';'Why did I wear those bloody shoes that hurt like f*ck again?' but I don't hold everything in and drive myself crackers. I do vent (I often feel sorry for my poor boss...and the future husband) and despite what I may have led people to think, I can actually articulate how I feel in a calm and reasonable manner. Really!


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