Tuesday, August 2

#4: twenty questions. (an interactive post)

Who or what am I?

Hint: The answer has seven letters.

Please deposit your questions in the comments box.

Each commenter may ask a maximum of three questions.

1. Are you living? (Megan)

It's a moot existential point. Some would say yes; others would say no. But I'm reluctantly going to have to say... no. (Heh, that's got 'em foxed...)

2. Are you a blogger? (Lost)

Yes. (Uh-oh...)

3. Have you been blown up recently only to be resurrected a few days later? (Vitriolica)

(Oh CRAP. My partner still hadn't guessed the answer after twenty questions, having got himself tied up in the most almighty existential/metaphysical muddle. I thought this was going to be TOUGH...)

The answer is yes, of course.

4. oooo I know I know.... Quickos! Do I get a prize? (Lost)

Is the RIGHT answer.

(Ah well, there you go. Look, it worked in rehearsal!)


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