Saturday, July 2

with all this talk of sport...

things got a bit competitive and drunk last night. I only managed a few scribbles in my sketchbook due to extreme drunkeness and naughty behaviour.

It all got started when Miss Mish challenged The Zed to an arm wrestle. I don't know who won, they're still at it.


The Girl and NML began a two and a half hour leg wrestle to decide who was the sex queen of the blogosphere. They had to give up when the baby oil ran out. They'll be having a rematch later. (Tickets on sale from me)


Clair and I had smuggled in some old copies of the Times with "Extremely Hard" Su Doku puzzles in them. We had been saving them for something like this. Just who IS the cleverest? We su-dokued all night. I'm afraid I spoilt mine by filling in the last few squares of each puzzle with "oh, bollocks to this" after I'd cockily filled in one wrong number. Clair is refusing to show me hers.


Not to be outdone in the competitiveness, Mike, Alan and JonnyB had a dress-up Karaoke, a bit like Stars in their Eyes, but without the relevant costumes... Mike wore a Freddy Mercury style catsuit and sang ABBA songs, JonnyB wore a lovely narfuk smock and sang Celine Dion, and Alan wore a lovely Demis Roussos smock and sang Demis Roussos songs. Thankfully, there was no-one available to judge it, so they finally gave up competing and joined together for some boyband numbers.


and then there was the other problem....



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