Tuesday, July 12

Talking of parties...

The Big Blogger house used to be like this:

Now it's a bit like this:

Maybe we should get Quickos and his pals back. Hopefully it'll be a bit like this:

Regarding the election task, it's been a bit of a difficult week, granted, so I'll have a chat with the big BB and see if we can cut you slackers a bit of, err, slack. Maybe postpone the deadline until Wednesday night, that kind of thing. BB will get back to you I hope.

And the poll will go up later. You're all up for eviction so I'd like to see everyone on their best blogging behaviour thankyou very much.

Right, it's back to bed for me. I'll be back at midnight with cocktail sausages and a couple of jugs of Cillit Bang. Those of you who want to can join me in a service of rememberance for Dr Rob.



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