Monday, July 18

Please don't hit me!

I'm only small.

I've posted this in the comments over in The Diary Room already, as a response to Alan's well-expressed gripes:

I didn't say you needed to whore yourself on your own blogs, and was really rather looking forward to how many other ingenious ways of getting people to love you people could find.

Plus, please bear in mind that there may possibly in all probability be any number of possible outcomes of this task, as Big and Little Blogger do have the capacity to make the rules up as they go along.

If this has put anyone's back up, I wholeheartedly apologise. It was intended merely to get the blood flowing a bit more than usual.

Yours lovingly,


So you see, this mini-task thing is all about using your initiative.
Any more complaints, then either Diary Room it, or email me.

Bon appetit.


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