Thursday, July 14

In Which I Go In search Of A Mystery.

I know we're all a little shell shocked by last Thursday but there really is NO need to hide under the duvet with your fingers in your ears. Honestly! We're all PERFECTLY safe in here and I think that you can take the colander off your head now Alan..... Or was that to stop the Alien voices in your head? (I really can't keep up with the slow melt down of people in here...)

Vit is scribbling away with her last Will and Testament instead of pictures for once and Mike.... well, let's just say we should hide all the sharp things as he has a look in his eye I don't like. But I wouldn't worry about the frying pan. Being one of those Gentleman Who Are Good With Colours But Can't Do Sport, he'll only take a swing and miss.

There are more important things to worry about. I am STILL missing opne of my marigolds and it is a tad difficult to do the washing up with only one hand. JonnyB has helpfully offered me one of his socks for the other hand but as it's straight out of his dirty washing pile I'm going to have to decline (Honestly. What do they get up to in Norfolk?)
So come along everyone! Spit spot! Let's get you searching for it. And get Zoe out of the pool before we have no deep end left......


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