Thursday, July 14

for blig bogger

hellllllllo, mmmyyyyyy name is zoe and i'm reallyyy hot today soo i went swomming in th e pilll but as i get thirsty i drunkk som of _it and hic i needd some please moore ppimms cozz mish miss kee^s teling me toay out oàf her pol butis mine an then ahe and mick put cocomnber in it sso it's like swiming in sooooop.

vat is always drawing picsures of me but i donnt like that coz hic i'm fot. lmn and the booy are fiting again coz mlm thinnks alan loves her and the boy says hge lovers her hic. jony is talking abouyt rabbit stewand hiis love and devotion to plants. hic i thinkj he wants another splif hic but pleasss, bog bligger refil the ppoooool coz im thirsty hic.


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