Wednesday, July 6

Eviction Time

This is it ooooh...this time I know it's the real thing - as someone sang once. I'm sure Mike knows who..

In a spare 5 minutes I have after breaking off from my hob-nobbing with the 2012 bid team - via the tv, they know I'm with them - it is now time for eviction. And it's not going to be as nail biting or surprising as the Olympic decision either.

Soooo, the 2 blogmates with the highest number of votes as of now are: Dr 'not him again' Rob and Girl, err, Girl.

The public have spoken. As they did on the last eviction, and the eviction before that, and were brutally ignored. So please bid your farewells to the viewers and your fellow blogmates Rob and Girl (Dr Rob, you might want to just cut and paste your previous farewells), unless......

....Vit, as the most popular blogmate wishes to reverse the decision.

You have an hour from now to do so Vit.


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