Tuesday, July 19

Eviction Time. Sort of.

Well hello my little lovelies.

I'd like to start by saying well done on generating over 400 (on Haloscan and Blogger) comments on THAT post over the last four days. I've never seen that number of comments and probably never will again, so thankyou. I can die happy now.

And it's probably a good time to let you know that none of you are getting evicted because of the mini-task. I was pulling your leg. Having you on. Honking the monkey. Choking the chicken. No, wait, that's something else entirely.

What that task has achieved is invincibility for two lucky individuals!
The first person is....


Because I was so impressed by the level of effort he employed in amusing the hell out of me, and hopefully everyone else with a funny bone in their body, and typing out absolutely shitloads of comments to try to achieve immunity. Bravo! Well done! Little Blogger salutes you!

Now, the second person is...

Whoever Alan wants to be safe with him!

Would Alan please report to Little Blogger's office (or The Diary Room) to let me know who you'd like to be safe with you.

The pair of you cannot be evicted by the public either this week or next week whatever happens, so I'd advise you to think very carefully about this.

Next up, there has been a poll at the side of the site all this week, and the totals have been counted and verified, and... unfortunately you're going to have to wait until Alan gets back to me with his decision before I start ejecting people from the premises.

And Zoe, because you're safe (come on, it's no great shock really) I've refilled the pool with margherita rather than Pimms, just for a change.

Don't go getting too trolleyed please.

It's burgers and sausages on the barbecue tonight!

Back in a bit..



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