Tuesday, July 19

Eviction Time. Definitely. Perhaps.

So Alan has made his choice here.

Therefore both he and the rather delicious NML are now exempt from facing the torture of a public eviction both this week and next week, the lucky buggers.

So one is left with the task of evicting the two unluckiest blogmates; those the public have chosen to discard like an overused scrunched up hanky in the litterbin of life.

Those two are none other than the irrepressible JonnyB, and that filthy-minded vixen, The Girl.


The fun does not end just yet. Oh no.

Zoe, that queen of Belgian blogging who loves getting her arse out at every possible opportunity, has amazingly been crowned the most popular housemate this week. It must be something to do with her vegetable fetish. Therefore, Big Blogger has decreed that if she so wishes, Zoe can choose to save one of these people from eviction and evict someone else instead. What fun eh?

Unfortunately the selection is somewhat reduced, seeing as NML and Alan have immunity. So Zoe can either leave things as they are, or save someone and evict either Mike, Miss Mish or Vit instead.

Oh! What a toughie. What will she do???
Zoe. What will you do??

Please let us know as soon as possible. Then I can finally evict some people.

Yours, LB

PS. There will be a new task tomorrow, and the next poll will go up tomorrow too.


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