Wednesday, June 15

Wanted: Crumb Licker

The smell reaches me before I see them. I approach the source of the scent and feel my tummy do a little flutter. I'm lusting for them now and I can barely contain my excitement. My face is flushed, my heart is racing, and my body is all a quiver. Little Blogger, Dr Rob, Jonny B and The Other Alan look at me expectantly. I'm so close now. They're all smiling at me as I reach them.

I reach over them and pick up the giant Marks and Spencer chocolate chip cookies off the table. God I've waited days for this moment!

I walk back out to the garden and lay on the sun lounger beside Zoe and Girl. We lie in the sunshine tucking into the cookies. Little Blogger appears (I'm sure he's been lurking in the bushes for a few moments) and offers to clean the crumbs off our bellies. Girl has got a bit carried away and has crumbs in her cleavage too.

The rest of the girls come out to help finish off the rest of the cookies. Clair is brandishing a hammer and Little Blogger runs back to his hiding place mistakenly thinking that she's going to use it on him. We all giggle for a few moments and then doze off one by one in the sunshine. I hear banging come from the shed again a while later. I hope that's not Clair and Little Blogger.....


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