Wednesday, June 29

Wait a cotton picking minute

Where do you think you're going Dr Rob? Hold on there cowboy. In all his sense of authority Little Bloggie failed to read the small print stipulating that only 2 go this week.

Big Blogger is back - oh yes. Thanks to all those that were worried, err, that'll be just Little Bloggie then. Don't get measured for that Big Blogger outfit just yet.

I can see you've all had some fun while I've been otherwise engaged (locked myself out of the BB house wouldn't you believe and held against my will by security) - a bit of frivolity with the much nicer LB, well that's all about to change now that I'm back.

Evictions? Pah. Would you believe it? 2 weeks into the biggest TV sensation this side of Eldorado and the public haven't been able to exercise their will so far. 3 people gone in the first week: 1 of these a non-task completer, 1 an AWOLer and 1 a reversal of public will by a blogmate with a little bit too much to say for himself.

Second week arrives; 2 to be evicted - another one jumps the fence and 1 more fails to complete a task. I ask you. Not one public hanging in 2 weeks. And the publics least favourite blogmate is reprieved yet again. But Mike still remains popular.

Well I can only apologise for that my little hairy palmed Big Blogger viewers. But seeing as only 2 went this week and 3 went last week, it means that we are 1 blogmate heavy - prime for a surprise eviction don't you think? You may be able to get blood on your hands after all.

And as for nice, festival related tasks? It'll be a return to the far less predictable now that BB is back in the saddle. Don't get used to the easy life blogmates.


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