Wednesday, June 15

trickle trickle


Clair and Miss Mish dabble their feet in the swimming pool, pondering last night's debate. They are upset that it became so heated, the debate, that is, not the swimming pool, which as Zoe said to me me just now is "*****ing ****ing ****ing ***d freezing, that pool!" and Vitriolica was rather mean to them... that'll be me then, note to self... must remember not to refer myself in the third person... people will think I'm weird... I don't think I was mean, but then with all those cillit bang daiquiris who's to know what the hell I said?

The Girl is also angry. She has it in her head that there are some boys that need to be taught a lesson. There she struts off to find some boys... to teach lessons to.

Quickos is keeping a low profile.

Zoe's new tiara is really sparkly.


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