Monday, June 13

Toilet Trauma

Little blogger would like to make it known to all the housemates, that he's had a chat with Biggy, and it's been agreed that if all the chaps can manage to remember to put the toilet seat back down after using the loo, as well as making sure that they've wiped any residual detritus from the porcelain, AND if all the ladies can also make sure to put the toilet seat up after doing their little jobbies, then we will be more than happy to provide you little lot with a constant supply of red wine, cider, cillet bang, and wine gums.

Little Blogger also felt that this was an extremely apt moment to change the subject (come on, it's Monday night and I'm trying to watch Friends - that might be a lie), and as a conciliatory response would like to make it known that for everybody's viewing pleasure, Zulu is now showing on the portable black and white telly in the shed.

There are some teacakes in there too, for anyone who's interested.


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