Friday, June 24

'Suppers Up' shouts Dr. Rob belying his working class up bringing

Dr.Rob is in the kitchen preparing a Friday night treat for the inmates. He is cooking his signature dishes ‘Chicken Chow Mein’ and ‘Sweet and Sour Pork’ which he learnt whilst he was a chef at the Peking Moon in downtown Bangkok. That was like in another life, but he still remembered the old skills.

The special meat and ingredients had been sent in by Big Blogger, whom he knew was a bit of a gourmand too, so Dr Rob was especially careful in the way he prepared these dishes as he knew he was being watched carefully not only by the crew but by all the blogging viewers too.

He hummed a little ditty to himself as he worked. Dum diidy dum diidy dum dum dum.

The other housemates had sort of settled down and were all thinking about life after BB. What would they do with there new found fame? Some he thought would get onto the D list celebrity trail, opening supermarkets and getting their kit off for the tabloids – Gordon has no shame at all. Vit would no doubt be found with a half litre of Matus stuck in her dungaree pockets doing 5 minute portraits of ruddy faced tourists in down town Lisbon. Others were sat filling in some sort of job application. Dr Rob wondered what it was for, but for the moment was too busy shaving the whiskers of the meat and stuffing the pelt into the rubbish bins.

The pastry was settling nicely and the fat was getting hot, soon it would be time for the feast. Dum diidy dum diidy dum dum dum. What was that tune? Don’t you hate it when you’ve got something on the tip of your tongue and you just can’t place it? It was sung all the time by the Thai waters, but of course only in Thai so Dr Rob had never got to know the English Words. He had a mate that was going to translate it for him so he was waiting for it to be sent.

Dr. Rob could see his dishes coming together now and was sure that not only would this bring all the housemates together, but his detractors, out there in blogland, would see him in a new light. No, not just a wibbler, a thorn in the side of the pretentious, but a chef of distinction, some one who could bring a bit of bonhomie into the house a bit of yin/yang harmony. Why maybe later after the food, they could practice a bit of Feng Sui, Dr Rob knew all the moves: ease the tension a bit. Instinctively he struck a Feng Sui pose – a bit like Bruce Lee, he thought, but without the six pack!

As he did this minute bit of oriental ju jitsu his meridian lines opened and the song learnt whilst under the influence of rice wine in the back streets of Pac Choy flooded into his head.

As he stirred the pots he burst out into exuberant singing!

His housemates looked at him aghast!


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