Friday, June 17

Stalin Incarnate speaks the 5 rules, stop clapping in the back there idiot! Its satire right...

'Stalin Incarnate' speaks

5 Rules
· Rule 1: Keep your personal information to yourself: There are some people out there who devote their lives to collecting little pieces of personal information about you. And that could be dangerous. Mention no names, but Mike and Alan (the other) spring to mind.

· Rule 2: Decide to Love Each Other: "People say, 'I fell out of love' the same way they say, 'I fell off the roof.' But it doesn't just happen. Girl knows this is right.

· Rule 3: Time the uncorking: decanting is just a pretentious way of showing off; Gordon has often muttered this in passing.

· Rule 4: Tell an adult you trust if something in the house makes you feel uncomfortable. Any abuse by one or more undertakings of a dominant position within the house or in a substantial part of it shall be prohibited as incompatible with the house insofar as it may affect trade between drunken bloggers and restricts the rise of any ‘Stalin incarnates’!

· Rule 5: Special Housemates could leave the house only with the commandant’s permission. Visitors to the House i.e. Quickos, were allowed only with the permission of the district NKVD police office (administrativnyi otdel or in English B.B. ). For violations of the rules of internal order, work violations, and petty crimes, the commandant (i.e. L.B.) could fine (up to ten rubles) or arrest (up to thirty days) housemates and visitors. For more serious violations covered by the penal code, housemates could be sent to corrective labour colonies or camps.


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