Wednesday, June 8

Rules schmules...

Big Blogger will start on Thursday 9th June 2005. Yes, that's tomorrow folks. All depending on whether Big Blogger gets out of bed in time – he hates early starts. Please remember to set the alarm BBLB.

No settling down, getting pissed and flirting in the Jacuzzi for anyone – the first task will be communicated straight away.

It is expected that Big Blogger will last for 7 weeks - or earlier if we all get bored. Ending on the 25th July with just the one winner.

Entry to the house costs nothing. Although all blogmates each bring into the house with them a prize that they will all send to the eventual winner. This prize will remain secret until Big Blogger says so.

The plan at the moment is that there will be 2 tasks a week, both lasting for 2 days, plus a post to the diary room at whichever time of the week the blogmates choose. During the week a poll will be running in the sidebar asking viewers to nominate their LEAST favourite blogmate. But Big Blogger can always change his mind. So watch it.

The poll will only register one vote per person per week. Big Blogger is sure there are ways around this system but there are no prizes for finding one. So no fannying around with the voting. Big Blogger WILL find out if this happens. And wont be happy.

The 2 blogmates with the most votes when Big Blogger rocks up on a Monday morning and opens the poll will be evicted. Unless…

…the blogmate with the least votes decides to change it. This blogmate will have an hour from when the result is announced to do so, with their reasons.

A task will normally last for 2 days, unless Big Blogger decides to change that too.

Blogmates will be expected to contribute one post to the Big Blogger site for each task.

Only one post per task per blogmate will be required. Blogmates are allowed to participate in comment box banter with viewers.

Blogmates who do not contribute to a task within the specified timescale will be automatically evicted and Big Blogger will select a blogmate to decide who will be reprieved in their stead.

Please refrain from pimping for votes. It’s bad form to sell your ass on your own blog.

Big Bloggers Little Blogger will ask 3 questions at the beginning of each week about the blogmates' experiences in the house. All blogmates are required to post their replies in the diary room at any time they wish during the week. More details of where the diary room is located will follow once we've redecorated under the stairs.

On eviction you will also be required to visit the diary room to vent your spleen and dish the dirt as you see fit.

There may be other surprises that Big Blogger hasn’t thought of yet.

Big Blogger can add to or change rules as he sees fit. More to do with the fact that he’s undoubtedly forgotten something, rather than because of any sort of spite. But spite is a trait that Big Blogger has in abundance.

The cutting of some slack would be appreciated. Big Blogger and his Little Blogger are indeed superhuman, but only some of the time.

Big Blogger 2005 is only a game. For fun.


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