Monday, June 20

The Rules of Engagement

Okay firstly, I would like to register my protest at this mini-task. I feel that, as a lifelong tree-hugger, it is unfair of Big Blogger to place me in a position where I am forced to abandon my anarchist principles and oppress my fellow blogmates. However, if I really must, I may as well enjoy it!

Here, then, are my rules for the house.

1. Possession of a Crazy Frog ringtone to be classified as an offence punishable by instant eviction.

2. It seems that many blogmates have brought iPods into the house. This is fine, however there will be no singing along loudly and tunelessly. Elton Bleedin’ John songs until all hours of the morning are particularly unacceptable.

3. Glasses are to be used for drinks only, and never used because you can’t be bothered to go all the way to the toilets in the middle of the night.

4. Swimming costumes only to be worn in the pool and the jacuzzi. Or skinny-dipping. But definitely nothing which under normal circumstances would be referred to as underpants.

5. One half hour every day is to be set aside for quiet reflection. This is to be used in whatever way you see fit, and nobody is allowed to ask anyone else why their hand is moving quite that quickly underneath their bedclothes.


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